Day 18: Bike Swim Bike

By Skip

Headed out after work and got on the bike to go three miles and get to the pool.  Was pretty quiet today, unlike last time when it was packed!  Found a lane quickly… stuck with the 25 yard lanes as they really work better with my drills than the 50 meter lanes. 

Weather held out as I got through my drills.  More and more comfortable but not seeing much improvement today… It was a fartlek day that included the following:

  • WU:
    • 250 @ low aerobic intensity
    • 6 x 25 drills, RI=0:10
  • MS:
    • 6 x 100 (25 easy/25 hard) easy = moderate aerobic intensity, hard = threshold intensity, RI=0:10
    • 4 x 25 kick, RI=0:15
  • CD:
    • 200 @ low aerobic intensity

I would have to say that I am GRADUALLY increasing my speed on the main sets and am a lot more comfortable on the warm up and cool down sets that require longer distances.  It may sound silly to those of you that can easily do 1000 meters without stopping but I am going to need to build up to that. 

I didn’t get any cramps during my kick drills so I guess I did something right today.  In addition, my kick drills were a little faster as well.  Now that I look back at it, I DID see some improvement today… I guess that is why I write this blog…. it is a good reminder to how far I have come along.

Tomorrow I need to get some more strength training going for the upper body.  I am suffering in that area quite a bit.  I think if I could strengthen my “pull” on the swim I will do wonders for decreasing my time.  Also need to get some tighter swimming attire as I am feeling the drag now… never noticed it before.

One and a half hours on the bike tomorrow…. filed down the brakes a little bit so I won’t squeak as much.  If that does not work it is off to get some new brakes.

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