Day 3 of training and feeling it!

By Skip

Today it was time to run.  It kind of felt like meeting up with an old friend.  I have been so used to running every other day and having a rest day in between that when I went out today it felt a little strange.  I have to admit, I struggled a little bit and I was quite sore.

In regards to being sore, however, ever since I had my pool session, a major back pain that I have had for a year straight has gone away!  It really came to light today as I was running.  I usually have to concentrate on my form or the back pain kicks in.  I had no such problem today…. a miracle cure?  Maybe!

I ended up doing a pretty decent time for my 5K run.  I am a little bit confused as to how to handle my runs at this point.  Here is what was outlined for me today:

  • WU: Run 10 minutes @ moderate aerobic intensity
  • MS: Run 5 minutes @ moderate aerobic intensity
  • CD: Run 10 minutes @ moderate aerobic intensity

If you have been watching this blog for anytime at all, you will know that I feel like I have my run figured out.  I realize this plan is to gradually work you into running the 5k… or should the 5k run of a triathlon be treated differently, for some reason…. for instance, should I have tried to carry out my pace for the full 25 minutes?   As the times increase on my run time workouts, should I stick to those or should I continue with my own running plan as I have done so over the past months?  Hmmmmm…. Any suggestions?

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Once I finished, once again, my Garmin differed from my Nike+ app.  I was saying to myself, “this is ridiculous… I need to calibrate this foot pod!”  Then it dawned on my…. of course I can calibrate the run.  My Garmin tells me EXACTLY my distance which is all I needed to plug into the app to get this run calibrated.  Duh!!  My only screw up is that I entered a number that put me just shy of 5k…. 4.98k is what it ended up being after calibration.  The only downside to that was that my Nike+ stats page is off….. no big deal at all!  I can live with that!

Tomorrow I am back in the pool.  I am going to have to juggle my workouts with all the parties this weekend.  I also have to be careful what I eat at these cookouts… this kind of eating can be dangerous.  Another thing to take into consideration is a 5K race I have next weekend.  I am going to have to re-arrange my workout schedule around that.  I really need to put a rest day before that race.  Should I double up on one of the days or move my Monday rest day to Friday?  I don’t want to stress my body yet I don’t want it to get too relaxed.

See you back here tomorrow!

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