Day 8: Swimming with my pull buoy

By Skip

I was very sluggish all day long.  I think it was all the bad (but good!) food I ate all weekend long.  Either that or just the extra day away from work… don’t know which it was but I really had no energy.  My wife said it was because I did not eat enough today (it was true, I was short on my carbohydrate energy) and after a power bar, before my swim, it did seem to help.

My 10 minute bike ride to the pool also got the blood pumping.  When I got there, it was a very busy day in the pool.  Something I think I am going to have to get used to as school starts to let out for the summer.  I think I will need to go early OR late.  This would mean I would need to drive to the pool instead of riding my bike.  I guess I am okay with that.

I bought a pull buoy today but they were out of kickboards!  Who the heck runs out of kickboards?  Oh well, at least I started to work on my stroke drills.  Question for all you experienced swimmers:  Is it normal to swim a faster lap with the pull buoy than just freestyle swimming without one?  I was running into that scenerio and was not quite sure I was reading my lap times right.  Does that mean my kick is getting in the way of my effeciency?  Hmmmmmm…..

This could be where my kickboard comes into play…. I really need to get one before I head back out and hit the water again.  It will be a few days becuase I have had to rearrange my rest day and my run day to fit in my 5K run this weekend.

Certainly not a a lot of speed today.  Out of the two pools, the 50m pool was open so I went and used one of those lanes.  So when it said to do a 25m drill I just doubled it up.

Need to start thinking about doubling up some of my drills and need to watch quite a bit more video about swimming drills. I DID try to do bilateral breathing every third stroke but struggled.

  • WU: 250 @ low aerobic intensity
    • 6 x 25 drills, RI=0:10  (I used the pull buoy here)
  • MS: 5 x 100 @ moderate aerobic intensity, RI=0:05
    • 4 x 25 kick, RI=0:15
  • CD: 200 @ low aerobic intensity

Given the change in lane length from what I was used to, I ended up doing 1400 meters where I was only scheduled to do 1100. 

I know this may sound silly but I had to learn on my own so let me share it with you… I keep talking about a pull buoy.  It is a device that goes in between your legs to stabalize yourself so you can concentrate on your stroke.  Here is a video to give you a very brief overview of its use.

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