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By Skip

Race day has come and gone.  I am a little sad that the triathlon season is over with but am elated with my accomplishments this year and very excited to get into some new training over the next few months that will increase my speed and distance and will allow me to be more competitive in all the races I do.

Let me tell you straight off that I did notcomplete the race under the one hour mark like I wanted to.  I ended up at one hour and 42 seconds!  43 seconds off from my goal!!  I had some very disappointing numbers and some very exciting numbers.  The one thing I can say is that I had an awesome time and I felt really good.  I could have ran another race after this one I had so much adrenaline running through my veins.

We drove up to Port St. Lucie the night before and stayed with some friends.  We had a wonderful time visiting, touring the area and having a great dinner out.  I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality as it was a very welcome feeling compared to staying in a hotel room.  Regardless of how comfortable, I still woke up every 5 minutes… pre-race jitters, like everybody else gets…right?  I am not the only one, I hope.

Having rode the course the day before helped as I got a good feel for what I was up against and was able to mentally prepare for the finish line.  This really, really does help and I will try to do it from now on in every race that I do.  I will never forget a 5K race I did in downtown Ft. Lauderdale where I was not aware of a bridge climb towards the end of the race.  I totally ran out of gas on that. Had I been prepared for that and knew it was coming, I would have paced myself accordingly.

 I will make a separate blog post when I have all the pictures gathered.  I am also still working on a video of the 2010 triathlon race season as well.  That should be fun to do… I have come a long ways since January 1st and still have a ways to go!

Getting back to the race, I got to the transition area plenty early but there was plenty of confusion.  Nobody knew where to go to get the body marking and / or timing chip.  There were people in the transition area that were not body marked and were not competing as they were not checking everybody that went into that area.  In this regard, I was a little disappointed in the organization.  Another incident that happened was that the generators failed and the lights went out over the transition area.  This left everybody in the dark… that is except those of us that had flashlights!  This was little trick I picked up from my first race….. Pack a little Mag-Lite in your transition bag… you never know when you are going to need it.

The Swim: 1/4 Mile

The swim looked simple enough, 400 meters out and back.  About an hour before the race they announced that the water was cold enough to be “wetsuit legal.”  Unfortunately I did not have a wetsuit.  I jumped in the water ahead of time just to get used to the temperature, taste, smell, etc.  Everything seemed fine until I got out of the water.  Brrrrrrr….. I need to bring a warm-up suit or jacket or something for occasions like this.

There was some confusion when the race started and people were late getting in the water.  Gold caps went out first before all of us in red caps.  There was a guy in a red cap that left with the first group, USAT ref tried to call him back but he did not hear the ref.  Obviously a first timer and more than likely he was disqualified. 

Let me say this… I never thought that fresh water would have made such a difference in buoyancy!   I have been swimming hard and working on my technique over the past month and felt like I was improving…. that is until I got in the water and saw my finishing time.  I was told later that if I would have kicked a little harder, it would have raised my legs up and caused less drag.  When I think back to the race, yes, my legs were dragging… I was sinking!  My mental state was not good during the swim either…. I kept wondering when it was going to be over.  For a 400 meter swim, that is not a good thing!  I don’t know what it was but I just was uncomfortable and felt really awkward out there.  This is one thing that is on my priority list to improve upon during the off season

Final Swim Time: 0:10:55 at a pace of 0:43:40 

T1 (The First Transition)

This was a nice transition area… it was right off the edge of the water which helped in the transition times as a whole.  I think I was the only one that used a tray of water and was wondering if it was really needed.  Well, they had just mowed the grass and had I NOT used it, my feet would have been covered in grass clippings!  I am glad I stuck to my guns on that.  My transition was very quick but the bike rack was a little low(height) so it was a little difficult to un-rack and re-rack the bike.  I quickly put on my biking shoes and headed out… no I did not rubber band my shoes in places and pre-clip them….  Read my previous blog  posts to find out why.

Final T1 Time: 0:58

The Bike: 10 Miles

Click for larger view

I was ready for this portion of the race!  I rode the course the day before so I knew every little turn there was.  I mounted the bike quickly and headed down the road.  There was a little wind during the race which slowed down my speed a little bit but I knew when and where to expect it so I pumped faster and harder in other areas of the course.  I played cat and mouse with a few of the other bikers but stayed true to form and kept up my speed.  Originally I had planned to keep a speed of 21-23mph but ended up averaging 20.79mph.  Once again, this is really the most I could do with this bike.  I dare anybody out there with a mountain bike to keep up with me. 

Final Bike Time: 0:28:51 at a speed of 20.79723

T2 (The Second Transition)

I took my feet out of my shoes a little early which, in turn, lost me a few seconds.  However, being able to jump off and run right away helped me pass a few others that were struggling.  Once I got to my transition spot I began to put on my running shoes and realized that I could not feel my feet!  They were cold and numb.  It took me a little longer than expected on this transition but it was still quick, for methat is.  Once I had my shoes on, I grabbed my visor and race belt and headed out of the gate…. My feet felt a little awkwarddue to the numbness… I begin to wonder how I will do…..

Final T2 Time: o:44

The Run

Click for larger view

What can I say… the run is where I shine.  I was just hoping that I didn’t use up too much energy or “leg” during the bike.  Gradually I started to feel my feet and I picked up the pace a little bit.  Not much as I was cautious.  The one mile marker went by and I felt pretty good.  I put on a little more gas and picked up the pace.  I was noticing that my heart rate was still looking pretty good and I was not experiencing any type of cramps.  Mile marker 2 arrived and still all was good!

Click for larger view of splits

At the aid station at marker 2 I dumped some cold ice water on my head….. this was a rather shocking and exhilarating feeling and, I have to say, put a little jump in my step.  Having driven through the route the day before I knew what I had left in my run and I picked it up, once again.  I was FULL of energy that would not stop!  I really don’t know how many people I passed but it was a lot.  There was only one person that passed me and he was truckin’!  He was also not in my age group so I really didn’t care.  When I saw the finish line and could hear the crowd I really turned it up.   I think that my pace when I finally got to the end was about a 4’30” pace!  That is not what I ran during the race, just what I had left. 

I’ll tell you what, I could have easily picked up my entire pace by about 10 seconds per mile and I would have been fine…. but what was my run time?  I had kind of screwed up pushing my buttons on my 310xt during the race so I didn’t have accurate times.  I walked over to the results booth and looked at my run time…. 19:14!  What?!  I thought, for some reason, that this was a 5K (3.1mile) run… my personal best for a 5K in the past had been 20:38.  Come to find out, this was a 3.0 mile run but I still ran that at a pace of 6’24”  AND I still had plenty left.  Of course I had to calculate it and at that pace, it would have put my 5K time at about 19:52.  I suddenly have new goals and aspirations.   For the run portion, I was 6th overall (out of 277) and 1st in my age group. 

Final Run Time: 0:19:14 at a pace of 06:24

Breaking Down The Numbers

Final thoughts

If you didn’t go to the race I bet you feel like you were there after reading this blog post!  I am sad that throughout this race season I did not made podium or get a medal… I take that back, I did get a “finisher’s medal” for the Miami Nice triathlon a month or so ago.  I still wanted to get a medal for finishing in the top three in my age group….. I will have to wait until next year. 

I have my list of things to improve on but the most important thing I need to do is get a proper tri bike or road bike.  That will put me in contention for the podium… trust me!  These legs are now ready for some screaming speeds when I get the right equipment.  In addition, I am looking forward to running some 5K races this fall and winter season and see if I can stay in the 19 minute range… maybe even go for an 18:?? race!  I have the confidence now and that will translate into bigger and better things next year.

In the next few days I will post some more pictures as I get them in, I will do a comparison of the three triathlons I did this year and I will share my training plan for some upcoming races.

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